Occupy MN

Occupy Homes MN Forecloses On Local Freddie Mac Conference

Thursday, June 07, 2012, Bloomington, MN-- Before the plates were cleared from the luncheon, Freddie Mac trainers and dozens of conference attendees were startled by a group of Occupy Homes protesters who taped off the entrance and plywooded

Vietnam Veteran Faces Foreclosure By US Bank

Vietnam Veteran John Vinje and his wife spent Memorial Day wondering where they would possibly go if they lose their home in a foreclosure sale scheduled for Tuesday. After falling behind on their mortgage payments when his wife became ill

Occupiers Help Save Marine's Family Home From Foreclosure

Occupy Homes MN has declared a victory in the fight to save US Marine Bobby Hull's family home from foreclosure. After months of public pressure, Bank of America has come up with an offer to renegotiate Hull's mortgage that will allow him and his family to keep their home.

OccupyMN Arrests At US Bank

Three Occupy Minneapolis protesters were arrested at US Bank's national headquarters as their request for US Bank to agree to meet with Monique White and Bobby Hull, two homeowners facing foreclosure, was denied.