US Bank

Militarized SWAT Team Evicts 63-Year-Old

You really have to watch the video to believe how this Denver woman's eviction from her home of 24 years was handled. Never in my life have I seen anything like this. Grenade launchers to evict a 63-year-old woman?!? Last week, a

Vietnam Veteran Faces Foreclosure By US Bank

Vietnam Veteran John Vinje and his wife spent Memorial Day wondering where they would possibly go if they lose their home in a foreclosure sale scheduled for Tuesday. After falling behind on their mortgage payments when his wife became ill

Banks Revert To Old Predatory Ways

Sadly, Wall Street's financial giants have learned nothing from Occupy Wall Street. Once again they have reverted to old predatory ways and are seeking to reap profits from those who can least afford to be targeted to have a single hard-earned dollar milked out of their pockets.

Occupy The Banks: Financial Fridays

If there's one way to unite the 99 percent, it’s direct actions aimed at the big banks. People are angry, and it's not hard to see why: Massive bailouts; exorbitant executive salaries; huge bonuses; dishonest and illegal lending practices; fee and

Predatory Payday Lenders Threatening Churches In Missouri

Payday lending is just a gentle term for loan sharking. Payday lenders give signature loans to people against future paychecks, locking them in with incredibly high interest rates. Missouri's laws are some of the most lax on the books. According

OccupyMN Arrests At US Bank

Three Occupy Minneapolis protesters were arrested at US Bank's national headquarters as their request for US Bank to agree to meet with Monique White and Bobby Hull, two homeowners facing foreclosure, was denied.