Bat Signal

#OWS: Illuminating Donald Trump

The Illuminator - Occupy's Bat Signal - comes to Trump Tower to project the truth about Donald Trump's efforts to bulldoze the 99% and a Scottish environmental legacy to build a golf course for elite jet-setters. Justin Wedes, from the

Trump Tower Gets Illuminated

The Illuminator - Occupy's Bat Signal - journeyed to Midtown Manhattan earlier this week to project a film trailer on the side of Trump Tower calling out Donald Trump for the environmental atrocities he is committing on the Scottish coast, which include destroying pristine dunes and coastal land so the 1% can play golf...

#OWS: Bat Signal For The 99%

Another video from the "Occupy" bat signal crew's series of inspirational video projections on the side of the NYC Verizon building on November 17th, 2011.