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Crime's Down. So Why Is Police Aggression Increasing?
New York police attack unemployed workers in Tompkins Square, 1874

Crime's Down. So Why Is Police Aggression Increasing?

FBI statistics show violent crime is down, but politicians keep funding more cops, lavishing them with military equipment, and training and encouraging them to act like soldiers instead of peace officers.

Occupy Oakland Lawsuit Settled For $1.17 Million

The Oakland City Council approved a 1,170,000 settlement Tuesday night in a civil rights lawsuit brought by a National Lawyers Guild legal team on behalf of journalist Scott Campbell and 11 other persons who were injured in the Oakland Police Department's violent response to Occupy Oakland in the fall of 2011.

Occupy Wall Street: Upcoming Events

Friday, October 19th, 7pm Value: Who Decides? Momenta Art - 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn Occupy Museums invites you to to a discussion on value. It is said that art represents our cultural heritage, our common legacy. Does it? What value is

Attorney: NATO 3 Are Victims Of Police Entrapment

After the past weekend in Chicago at the NATO summit where nearly 100 protesters were arrested, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! speaks to National Lawyers Guild attorney Sarah Gelsomino who is representing on of the five activists charged with

All Your Tweets Belong To Us

Manhattan District Attorney subpoenas Twitter account of @destructuremal (aka 23-year-old Brooklyn writer Malcolm Harris) because of his participation in Occupy Wall Street.