#S17: Our One Demand Is To End Capitalism

#S17: Our One Demand Is To End Capitalism

Two years after Occupy Wall Street was founded we are still here, and so are our problems. On September 17th, and every day - take the street, take your jobs, take back your money, take back your power. Organize.

Occupy LA Sues City Over Mass Arrests

On November 30th last year around 300 protesters were arrested at the Los Angeles City Hall after being camped out in the vicinity for over two months. An estimated 1,400 police officers showed up and blazed through the encampment in what

NYC, 12/11: Hold Walmart CEO Accountable

When: Tuesday, December 11 @ 4:30pm Where: Harold Pratt House, 58 East 68th Street, New York, New York 10065 RSVP on Facebook Just weeks after the massive demonstration of the #WalmartStrikers Black Friday day of action, Walmart CEO

Hannity Pimps Breitbart's Huge Flop Occupy Smear Film

All of Sean Hannity's show Thursday night was an exercise in whining babble. You almost had to have a translator to understand all of his nonsense about taxes and cliffs and the vaunted values of conservatism. But right in the middle, he took a

NYPD And OWS Preventing Post-Sandy Crime Together

Crazy things start to happen when the cops stop arresting, beating, and pepper-spraying members of Occupy Wall Street. Communities in need start to see help, and even the crime rate can drop. The New York Post reported Wednesday

Remember, Remember, The 17th Of September

"This documentary is an invitation to you to participate in positive change," reads one of the title cards in "American Autumn: an Occudoc," which was shot on the front lines and meeting spaces of the Occupy Movement in New York, Boston and Washington, DC, from its earliest days through the end of January 2012...

Attorney: NATO 3 Are Victims Of Police Entrapment

After the past weekend in Chicago at the NATO summit where nearly 100 protesters were arrested, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! speaks to National Lawyers Guild attorney Sarah Gelsomino who is representing on of the five activists charged with