Occupy Oakland Lawsuit Settled For $1.17 Million

The Oakland City Council approved a 1,170,000 settlement Tuesday night in a civil rights lawsuit brought by a National Lawyers Guild legal team on behalf of journalist Scott Campbell and 11 other persons who were injured in the Oakland Police Department's violent response to Occupy Oakland in the fall of 2011.

More Misreporting On The West Village Explosives Arrests

In a previous report about the couple accused of manufacturing explosives in their West Village apartment, I referred to Aaron Greene as "Harvard educated" based on earlier reports. The original report was by five New York Post reporters, and that information was also cited by the Associated Press, Reuters, and other outlets carrying the story...

Teen Suicide Bomber Strikes In Kabul

A 14-year-old suicide bomber attacked NATO headquarters in Kabul, Afghanistan on Saturday, killing six civilians and wounding five, including children. No soldiers were struck. The teenage attacker was wearing a vest packed with explosives,

Attorney: NATO 3 Are Victims Of Police Entrapment

After the past weekend in Chicago at the NATO summit where nearly 100 protesters were arrested, Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! speaks to National Lawyers Guild attorney Sarah Gelsomino who is representing on of the five activists charged with