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'Pepper Spray' Cop Loses His Job

Nine months and $76,000 later, the UC Davis officer accused of pepper spraying student protesters in November no longer works on the police force. Lt. John Pike and another officer were caught on cell phone video using pepper spray

Homes, Banks, And Politics: Round 2 Of Settlement Talks

Now that the big settlement talks with the banks are over, and most of the reporters have gone home, not very many people are paying attention to what is going on in the financial fraud task force, or in the continuing conversations between various

Word Of The Day: Accountability

President Obama delivered a strong populist, pro-middle class speech last night. And being a strong populist pro-middle class kind of guy, I naturally liked it a lot. I wasn’t the only one: voters loved it. Check out this dramatic overnight report

Mike's Blog Roundup

Booman Tribune; Congressional leaders on Thursday demanded that the Veterans Affairs secretary explain hefty bonuses for senior department officials i

LA Times Cover-up Over Hiller?

Following up on my LA Times story, Nikkie Finke from the LA Weekly has more info about David Hiller taking over the LA Times: New Publisher Was Rumsf