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Kick Out The Republicans!

Listen to the new song by "The Politnics" It premiered on the Randi Rhodes show last month! "I can't stop singing it," Randi said, on her radio talk

Neocons And The Iraq War

President Bush, responding in Columbus, Ohio, to questions Kerry has raised about his motivation in going to war against Iraq. Bush said his decision

Who Are The Real Neocons?

from Steve Clemons @the Washington Note Excerpt: And to be clear about my views of Rumsfeld, I think that the Abu Ghraib disaster so completely unde

Bush's Two Albatrosses

An excellent article The factors that make President Bush a vulnerable incumbent have almost nothing to do with his opponent, John F. Kerry. They ste

George Bush Goes Off Message

Dan Froomkin from the Washington Post is bemused at how George W. Bush rewrites history. Does he really think now that he didn't oppose the 9/11 Commi

Dick Cheney - Sensitive Guy

Cheney vs. Cheney via Eschaton On Hugh Hewitt's show: HH: Vice President Dick Cheney, welcome to the Hugh Hewitt Show. VP: It is good to be on here

It's About Time....

A sort-of mea culpa from the Washington Post by Paul Waldman, Editor-in-Chief 8.13.04 News flash: The Washington Post was not as skeptical as it shou